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With all the disruption in the financial markets, many investors are currently unhappy with their wealth managers. Investors are unsure what to do now.  Should they switch advisors? And if so, how do they find the right one? Do they have a plan? Is it realistic?


A second opinion may confirm you are on the right path. It may identify solutions you have not considered. It is painless and not a sales presentation.

Before you consider a second opinion, we should meet to get to know one another. Financial Planning and wealth management requires trust and confidence – and that must be earned. Coffee is the first step.

It’s just that easy. I encourage you to contact me to set up a time for coffee or tea (Keurig).

Some examples, of many, that others who have come in for coffee have on their minds …

Social Security …

I used to think taking Social Security as early as possible. Upon further research and reflection, I have changed my mind. Although individual circumstances are important considerations, all things being equal under relatively recent legislation, delaying benefits as long a possible may maximize benefits. Spousal strategies can be evaluated.

Do you have a pension or other employment where you did not pay into Social Security (some government workers or teachers)? Does the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and/or Government Pension Offset (GPO) apply? Those calculations may be done ahead of time so you may plan for these applications in advance if applicable.

We can evaluate various Social Security scenarios in order to determine when and how you should file for benefits. Can you work and draw benefits? Can you do a “do over?” For spouses, can one file and the other wait longer? Survivors? Divorces? Your Social Security office can tell you what your benefits are now if you’re eligible, however they don’t generally do strategy type scenarios to plan ahead for possible future benefits. They rely on their website calculators and ask you to do these projections on your own. I may help you develop strategy looking at thousands of scenarios to pick out those optimal for you.

Your Assessment …

If you’re contemplating retirement and trying to fit all your unique puzzle pieces together (and don’t have the puzzle box top), I can develop a Retirement Feasibility Timeline that may tell you “at a glance” when retirement may be feasible and how you may enhance those results.

For those already retired, I can develop a dashboard that also gives you “at a glance” insights into your situation and how various phases and stages of retirement may be prudently approached.

Retirement Sustainability …

How can you tell if you are taking too much from your accounts where you might run out of money? The basic 4% rule most use does not help unless you can adjust your income up and down with the markets. Most can’t, or don’t want to, do that. Research has gone beyond the basic 4% rule and journalists are slow to report that. Essentially, the withdrawal rate is time-dependent; but, there is a measurement tool that is time independent so it remains effective as you age through retirement. You and I can talk about how to apply recent findings to your retirement income needs over Keurig coffee or tea.

Anything else on your mind?

Let’s talk about it over some coffee.

Of course, we could also meet virtually through an online meeting … but then you wouldn’t have the coffee … the choice how we first meet is up to you.

Personal financial planning and wealth management both require trust and confidence – and that must be earned. Items in my bio, like fee-ONLY and fiduciary, are a start towards that end.

To get started simply contact me.