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Retirement is a “Moving Target”.

Financial Planning, especially for retirement, is more than merely investing … it is about you understanding yourself better so you may get there, where ever there is for you.

As opposed to the sales process, where you may not know where you are, understand the product sold, or how the two are even related, the below four (4) processes are ongoing throughout our relationship together.

Four processes are simultaneously applied to:

  • be more effective to help you understand where you are
  • provide discipline and structure
  • have an academic foundation.

These processes are based on

  • probability of what may happen vs. prediction of what may happen
  • foundation based on your standard of living for sustainability
  • process emphasis without product focus.

Everyone who works with a financial adviser gets investment management (some do this better than others). However, my job is to give you clear connections with what your investments can, and cannot, do for you towards reaching your goals and aspirations. More importantly, so you have a better idea what you want to do with your money.

Nate is an independent Registered Investment Adviser. He does not sell products for any company; you invest directly and retain discretionary control over your money.

The figure below summarizes my basic overall approach, not only on the surface, but going deeper too.

The important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one. However, investing for investing sake is not a philosophy but an ad hoc hope. All the processes below, and philosophy, work in unison together. The below four processes combine to provide a sound approach to life and living it to its fullest.

The Four Processes

The first process is communication where all the other three processes are wrapped within.

We have conversation guides that assist our conversation to have the best use of your valuable time while we get to know your unique situation and aspirations better … where you’re coming from and where you desire to go with your resources.